1. MOST IMPORTANT: 2 Corinthians 3: 7-18. God shows me that 2011 will be a year of LIVING IN GLORY. A year that God will empower the lives of His children, remove the veils that have covered their hearts/minds (pride, hardness of heart, refusal to repent) and bring them into serving His purpose. Them that know Him and are called by His name shall see this come to pass. God will change the ‘old way’ and replace it with His glorious new way. In the middle of all other happenings and events in 2011, you will see His GLORY IN 2011 in Splendor; Magnificence; Brightness; Praise ascribed in Adoration; Distinction; Renowned; Honored; you will have Divine Perfection or maturity; you will have the Felicity of Heaven; people will see in you a Pictured Emanation of Light Surrounding the Head of A Saint; you will Rejoice and Exult Him. You will become a mirror reflecting the glory of God in you. God will bless His sons and daughters in 2011. A year of living in GLORY. Get up and receive this word today and by FAITH let it be quickened in your life in 2011. Thank God for the fact that the best is yet to be. Thus says the Lord.
  2. I see many ladies and gentlemen; will find their other half in 2011 in the church. I see marriages and faces full of happiness for what God will do in the lives of His children. I see prosperity for many in the multiplications of the thanks giving they will be giving in 2011. However, I see that there will be lies coming with this and all people in their prospects must be careful. I see men lying of their single status but have other families else where, I see both men and women lying of their health status but have conditions, & diseases, I see many will not want to introduce their spouses to their parents subject to lack of commitment and hiding of some truths that may come out in such an event and will result to use lies and tricks. I see gay marriages increasing, I see lesbians and broken relationships taking center stage, I see lovers taking the lives of each other all over the world. I see wickedness of people who will marry beautiful girls and yet go on with their other lifestyles like homosexuality. Be warned.
  3. I see people will grow in their spending power in 2011. I see more new houses, more new cars, more resorts being crowded, more spending power. However as you will find in ‘on the negative in the land’ there will be less/no jobs in the market. You must take good care and ask God to bless where you are working because in 2011 there will be more loosing jobs than getting.
  4. I see many projects being planned. Many projects that will bring more development in Kenya. I see the western world more interested in Kenya in 2011. I see more companies coming in. However I see that these people will not use the people of Kenya but come with people from their places and other countries. Our leaders must take note of this and all Kenyans because it will be done silently and behind the scenes.
  5. I see students will pass more in their exams and they will have more chances to join good schools outside Kenya.
  6. I see people will be working more hours in 2011 because there will more to do in 2011. It will be a year of those who choose to work hard because lazy people and busy bodies will loose out.
  7. I see God will release His glory in 2011. You will see Him stamping His authority more in 2011. You will see God seeking to change the lives of those who seek Him, protecting those who follow His instructions, those who seek to be right with Him, you will see God bless those who put Him first in their lives above all else. Those are the people who God will bless in 2011, a year of living in Glory.
  8. I see more true men of God rising in power and manifestation of His power will be in their hands. I see God using them mightily to bring out the truth of His word for the people and the benefit of His word for their lives. I see God in 2011 will move to cause that uniqueness in the lives of His people. I see in 2011 you will see more people respect children of God; want to know how to meet my God because His glory will be manifest more in 2011.
  9. I see the word of God will go out in power in 2011, I see the children of God will go out in truth to bring the good news to the lost, I see more miracles of healings, prophetic release happening in 2011, I see the people of God will have less questions and more blessings in 2011, I see there will less confusion, complications and tears for the people of the Lord.
  10. I see in the fullness of time, there will be people in 2011 that will go to be with the Lord. Some are respected people in the circles of Christians; some are people we look up to as leaders in our churches, I see in 2011, they will go to be with the Lord.
  11. I see ministries will have breakthrough in 2011, I see more musicians that were suppressed in 2010 coming out breathing the fire of God in ministry. I see ministries of evangelists, teachers, prophets, coming into fullness according to the word of God. I see those who have been seeking the Lord in their ministries will receive breakthrough in 2011.
  12. I see relative peace in the whole world in 2011. There will be threats of war and some will be so real, but God says He will hold the commencement of any war and this will be so for His word may be preached in these places in 2011. I see amidst of all else people will be able to still live in peace by the power of God.
  13. I see there will a shift of economic giants in Kenya. Some companies will grow to reach new heights, it is the others that have been so dominant and great in Kenya that will dwindle in their greatness and command and even some will walk out. It will be a tough year for companies in Kenya. It will be a sorry state for companies that have grown the rate of worshiping other gods other than God in their endeavors in Kenya. They will see and you will see them walk out as everything will work against them.
  14. I see there will be fairly high prices in commodities that we use everyday in our homes. Things will cost higher and this is because there will be not enough rain in the areas where we get food from in Kenya. And in the other areas the supply will be minimal. I see that there will be shortage of some valuable commodities and others will be costly regarding foodstuffs. But I see it shall be resolved.
  15. I see the transport cost in Kenya will go higher in 2011. You will see yourself pay more fares to short distances a little bit more than you were paying in 2010. I see there will too many complications in the transport sector especially in the capital city, where they will try to organize the transport sector but will be met with resistance and demos that will cost the people more.

  1. I see people will cry with more agony, with more pain in 2011. There will be abnormal loss of life in families across the world. I see these deaths will be unexplainable, I see governments working with experts to save lives, to rescue lives but all of this will be in vain as many will be already gone. This will be more than epidemics, this will be a violent wind sweeping people off their seats and crashing them in agony to their deaths, this will be violent earth taking lives. People. These will be real TSUNAMIS.
On 27th October 2010 CNN brings news that there was a great volcanic release from a mountain in Indonesia and a Tsunami caused out of it has left over 200 people dead. This happened only days after man of God Prophet Maxillar gave the above prophecy. Watch this space for more.
  1. I see high storey buildings disappearing under the earth. I see huge piles of rambles. No bombs involved, I see these buildings will just crash by their own. Lives will be lost inside these buildings coming down. However I see people wailing outside the buildings and it is because cars will be crashed outside and pedestrians will be crashed outside by these buildings. I see & hear sounds of sirens, and sounds of commotion around these buildings.
On the 27th October 2010 CNN reports that a high storey building in Baghdad has come down in a devastating crash killing over 50 people on the 2nd floor that were attending a wedding. Watch this space.
  1. I see a flags of UK raised half-mast. I see death of one of the great leaders of UK. I see this person will die in their sleep and in the morning hours. I see people of UK will receive this news in shock. They will give this leader a great send off. And it will be an end of an era. However I see this person will die not knowing the Lord.
  2. I see the flag of KENYA half-mast. In Kenya, you will see deaths of some of the leaders and people who have shaped the politics of this country for some years now. I see an end to an era. I see these deaths are in multiple and spread across months. I see Kenyans will be glued in their screens to see the send off of these leaders.
  3. I see a flags of many other nations raised half-mast. I see from this period and season of Oct 2010 to end of 2011 will be an end to eras of great leaders all over the world.
On the 27th October 2010 CNN reports that the former president of Argentina Krichner dies at his 60s. Watch this space.
  1. I see there will be no jobs in the world. Those who are going out to seek jobs, there will be a high shortage and firing of those in jobs already. I see there will be financial luck in terms of money and famines lasting a few years for people all over the world. I see people will need aid more, will need help more than ever. I see deaths, defeat and lost hope for such families beginning with Africa and Asian continents as we move to other nations.
  2. What with conflict in families. I see fights will increase in families. More families will divorce across the world with a higher prevalence, beginning with a divorce of a royal family in Africa. I see a brother will kill a brother. You will hear of things focusing on infidelity more, marriages in 2011 will last even one day. I see prostitution growing. This affects our daughters, brothers and we must pray that God will help this to go down in Kenya and across the world.
  3. I see a bus that will kill many children of school. They will be travelling to a formal event when this will happen. Pray that God will help this bus not to kill these children. I see they accident will be fouled and they will not loose their lives.
  4. I see in 2011, there will be lack of the seed of womb. I see in 2011 people will be quick in not willing to wait on the Lord but seeking other means to solve their issues. I see these will open doors for the evil forces to torment many people, many families, and many lives. People will be more absorbed in cults, in devil worshipping, evil forces chanting in 2011. I see God will be watching, and will be moving more through His servants to bring His word out from the closet where it has been kept by priests who refuse to know Him and I see Him giving it to a new generation of anointed men and women who will work with God tirelessly to bring His good news to His lost, bring His secret to living in His glory to His people, and manifest His power in their lives through His good works for restoration in their lives.
  5. I see in October 2010 - December 2011 people will be exposed more, those who misuse the word of God and hide behind it and continue to do evil, will be exposed in October 2010 - December 2011. You will hear big names in the circles of Christians and even to the smallest names of the society. People will be found out by their pretended lives even more. I see in October 2010 - December 2011 the sex will lead in the scandals found in the church.
  6. I see road carnage, I see planes planting themselves on the earth from the skies, I see trains killing many and causing deaths, I see deaths in the seas in 2010 into 2011. In transportation, let no one lie to you, there will be more disaster in 2011 all over the world and in all sectors too much to handle. I see people loosing their limbs out accidents, I see people loose lives, I see people loose their minds, and I see burials from these deaths all over the world. I see these will make news in the fullness of time. However there will be also very interesting cases of miraculous survival of some of these people thus says the Lord.
Check for yourself and count them for yourself.


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