4. In Kenya I shall kill their dear ones especially in high places, those that they love for they have sought to guide my people from me says the Lord God of Hosts! There will be unexplained deaths in the music industry, in the entertainment scene, in the leadership ranks! Deaths of those whom Lord appointed to lead people to Him but rather have guided them away from Him! These are already big figures in the public eye).


On the morming of 4th Jan we woke up to the breaking news of the sudden passin on of the former prime minister Raila Odinga son Fidel Odinga who passed away mysteriously.

This comes only 3 days after the man of God prophesied of unexplained deaths in the music, entertainment and leadership ranks. This continues to prove the voice of God and that His eyes are on the earth and the heavenilies and that nothing happens without His mighty eye first on it. Continue to pray for the man of God,

Prophet Maxillar Mumo.
All glory n honour to GOD.
"FOR GOD WHO DOES NOT FORGET…..shall remember you...." - Prophet Maxillar Mumo
ISAIAH 41:13 - For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

1. 2015 those who have been searching jobs for ages, you shall find your employment; one to change your life forever in Jesus name!!!
2. Those that life has forgotten you; Jesus is about to remember you in 2015 in Jesus name!!!
3. Those that the strongman has troubled for years, thrown you out of your place of blessings; 2015 the Lord shall restore you in Jesus name!!!
4. Those that the world has ignored, devalued you, thrown you away to rot alone in the desert; 2015 the Lord shall remember you in Jesus name!!!
5. Those that have been sick for ages and sought prayers, treatment without much change; 2015 the Lord shall heal you from your sickness in Jesus name!!!
6. There are people who just demoralised, weak and heavy laden and think nothing can come out of this life; if you believe in God He send me to you tonight; 2015 He shall remember you with His favor!!!
7. There are countries whom have been weakened by bad leadership, bad rulers, dictators and unbecoming politics; 2015 the Lord shall set you free in Jesus name!!!
8. There is especially a people whom have been seeking for God to give them their better halfs' 2015 is your year in Jesus name!!! You shall find your Abraham and your Sarah!!!
9. There are women carrying children in your wombs of great destiny; the Lord shall remember you in 2015. There are women crying for ages to carry a baby in their womb; 2015 your womb shall open in Jesus name!!!
10. People with massive debts that wiegh them down daily; the Lord says it is over!!! 2015 He shall set you free from your atrocities all debts paid in Jesus name!!!
11. There are people God has been calling you to do great exploits, mighty wonders, great signs and wonders; 2015 is your year in Jesus name!!!
12. There are people you have been called names, and laughed at and mocked; 2015 the Lord shall give you a new name!!!
13. There are people who stop others from prospering and control other people's destinies they want and use their positions badly; this is the voice of God; 2015 you shall become lame in your power and God's children shall arise and shine where you have denied them in Jesus name!!!
14. There are women of delilah stature who have been fighting God's children from shinning for years with much success!!! 2015 shall define your end and God's children shall arise and shine in Jesus name!!!
15. There are men and women who have given themselves the role of controlling God's purpose on earth; 2015 shall be your end and God's children shall arise and shine in Jesus name!!!
1. 2015 is the year of the forgotten says the Lord!
2. I shall raise men and women from places you have never heard of before for my own have forsaken me says the Lord!
3. I shall weaken the strength of the wicked, I shall take their lives, I shall destroy their strongholds says the Lord God of Hosts!
4. In Kenya I shall kill their dear ones especially in high places, those that they love for they have sought to guide my people from me says the Lord God of Hosts! ( There will be unexplained deaths in the music industry, in the entertainment scene, in the leadership ranks! Deaths of those whom Lord appointed to lead people to Him but rather have guided them away from Him! These are already big figures in the public eye).
5. I will silence a nation if I must says the Lord!
6. I will raise men and women who will come to question how my people including my servants are mistreated in Kenya especially and I will strike down the empires built against me in Kenya says the Lord!!!
7. In Uganda there shall be victimization along human rights agenda in 2015. It shall take a international concern.
8. I shall arise in power to release my people from enduring captivity and set them free from their struggles.
9. There shall emerge another global business leader as a country.
10. My voice shall be stronger in 2015, I shall speak with greater signs and wonders says the Lord!
11. I shall come from the international scene down to Africa with greater purpose says the Lord!
12. To Africa; Stop sinning against me and turn to me for sin has become your partaking says the Lord!
13. Let Man marry to A WOMAN and let Woman be married to a MAN as I set it out says the Lord! I shall strike hard those doing it otherwise in 2015.
14. Let man marry one woman and let woman have one man in her life! I shall deal seriously with adultery in 2015.
15. Those who have sinned before in these matters, I am ready to forgive them before 2015 says the Lord, let them present themselves to me and I shall let them live!
16. In 2015, I shall bless those who seek me, those who clearly set apart themselves from those in the world! I shall pay for their cost for 2015 is the year I set the boundaries clear!
17. 2015 I shall liberate most African countries from their opressors says the Lord!
18. There are diseases for the first time, they shall have cure in 2015 says the Lord. They shall kill no more!
19. 2015 I shall let the world know the power of my Hand unto those who call upon my name says the Lord God of Hosts!
20. Be prepared for my Son's return. The time is drawing near!
In Jesus Name I Pray: I see an accident shall come from the air to the ground. It is not a plane but I see when it happens it shall create a media buzz because how they are doing it, is not how it's supposed to be done. I leave this at that. Pray that lives shall be saved.


On the 28th of October 2014, CNN, BBC, CNBC, ABC, CCTV news agencies were all reporting on the explosion of unmanned rocket in Texas. The unmanned rocket exploded shortly after launch on the Virginia coast, NASA spokeswoman Rachel Kraft told CNN via email. NASA is warning people in the area not to touch debris if they find any. 

The Antares rocket, built by NASA contractor Orbital Sciences Corp., and its Cygnus cargo spacecraft "suffered a catastrophic failure" shortly after liftoff Tuesday evening, the company said. The crash caused a huge fire and scattered debris over a large area. Orbital Sciences told CNN it would issue a statement on the status of the investigation later Wednesday. 

The cargo module was carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments meant for the International Space Station.

This comes only a few months after the man of God prophesied of an accident coming from air to the ground that was an airplane but had the same settings but empasized it not to be a plane but most importantly noted that it was going to happen because they were not doing it the right way and that it was going to create a media buzz wehn it happened. This continues to prove the voice of God that His eyes are on the earth and the heavenilies and that nothing happens without His mighty eye first on it. Continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo.

On what was to be a resupply mission to the International Space Station, an unmanned NASA-contracted rocket exploded seconds after launch Tuesday, October 28, on the coast of Virginia. The launchpad was damaged, but no one was injured.

People who came to Wallops Island, Virginia, to watch the launch walk away after the unmanned rocket, owned by Orbital Sciences Corp., exploded.

The rocket and spacecraft -- which together cost more than $200 million, according to Frank Culbertson, the general manager of Orbital's Advanced Programs Group -- are gone.

The rocket had been set to go up Monday, only to be scrubbed "because of a boat downrange in the trajectory Antares would have flown had it lifted off," according to NASA. Coast Guard spokesman David Weydert said the boat that triggered the postponement was 40 miles offshore. Tuesday, by contrast, seemed perfect. Just before liftoff, NASA reported "100% favorable" weather and "no technical concerns with the rocket or spacecraft being worked."

The Antares rocket, with the Cygnus spacecraft on board, is seen on Launch Pad-0A after the launch attempt was scrubbed on October 27.

The Orb-3 mission's payload fairing (essentially the casing around the spacecraft) was installed on the Antares on October 23.

The payload fairing goes onto the spacecraft. Orbital will lead the investigation of the accident, along with the FAA, with NASA assisting. Among other things, they'll try to collect and examine any debris that can be recovered, review data from the spacecraft before its destruction and look at videos around the launch time.
In Jesus name I pray: I see a volcano will erupt in the coming days. As I am talking to you right now, I see the lava and I see it red hot. Pray that God's will shall be done and that no lives will be taken! Will it have a tie to the economy of this place? I leave at that! Prayer!

On the 29th of October 2014, the news agencies CNN, CNBC, BBC, CNN, ABC began to report on a story they had been following since June 2014 and the prophet called us to let us know we can update on the prophesy as it had finally gotten the sense he had seen in the Spirit.

The prophet had prophesied in October last year about a volcano that he saw erupt and saw the lava and it was red hot. And then noted that we needed to pray that no lives are taken and then asked a question that has left all of us agape; he asked will the lava have a tie to the economy of this place? and then in his normal way said he was leaving at that. What will shock you is how accurate the man of God speaks concerning what God is showing to him and how accurately it comes to pass! You realise this was October 2013 and now in October 2014, the prophesy has come to pass in Hawaii and YES IT IS HAVING AN ECONOMIC TIE TO THE TOWN AS IT IS DESTROYING IT AND SHIPPING PEOPLE OUT.

The news today was that, A river of molten lava has oozed into a small Hawaiian town, covering the yard of two houses closest to the volcano, Hawaii County officials reported today. The lava flow has been edging its way towards Pahoa on Hawaii's Big Island for weeks with authorities and residents powerless to halt or divert it. "You can only imagine the frustration as well as... despair they're going through," Hawaii County Civil Defense Director Darryl Oliveira said of residents fleeing their homes.
The final number of Kilauea residents affected has not been released, but it is expected to be dozens. Officials said this afternoon that there are 40 to 50 houses in the path of the lava.
The lava is advancing at about 10 to 15 yards per hour, making it far slower than one might expect from a Hollywood version of the nightmare scenario, but it is moving at a steady pace. The Associated Press reports that the lava advanced about 275 yards from Sunday morning to Monday morning. At other times, the lava slowed to about two yards per hour or sped up to about 20 yards per hour, depending on topography, said Janet Babb, a spokeswoman for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.
PHOTO: Lava flow advances across the pasture between the Pahoa cemetery and Apaa Street, engulfing a barbed wire fence, near the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii, Oct. 25, 2014.

PHOTO: A small shed is consumed by lava in a pasture between the Pahoa cemetery and Apaa Street near the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii, Oct. 25, 2014.

One major road has been closed to everyone except residents. Teams of scientists are among the few allowed close to the flow so that they can provide reports from the burning front line. The lava is blisteringly hot, burying streets and covering trees. Residents in the scenic town of Pahoa were forced to flee, powerless to stop the river of lava.
PHOTO: A Hawaii Volcano Observatory geologist maps the margin of the June 27 lava flow in the open field below Cemetery Road near the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii, Oct. 26, 2014.
PHOTO: The lava flow from Kilauea Volcano that began June 27 is seen as it crosses Apaa Street near the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii in this, Oct. 24, 2014, photo from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Officials say there is no way to stop the lava, but they're working to protect power poles from burning and to create detours in case the main road is affected, which would cut off access for thousands of people. Hawaii officials are making arrangements for those living in the lava's path.
Beyond being buried by dozens of feet of hardened black rock, structures could also catch fire by being near the 2,000-degree lava.
Kilauea is the one of the world's most active volcanoes and has been erupting continuously since 1983. Lava flows have destroyed nearby homes in the past, including about 200 homes in the 1990s.
PHOTO: Residents in Pahoa, Hawaii are facing evacuation as a lava flow continues to advance.
THE RED HOT LAVA the prophet saw....this continues to prove the voice of God upon His servant. Have you had an opportunity to hear what the Lord has to say concerning your life? Get talking to the prophet of God today and let God speak concerning your life and you will never be the same again. The Lord is still speaking. Continue to pray for this town, continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo. It is well.

There is a national anthem I hear in my ears constantly! Time is getting closer and the international eyes will be on this nation soon! I see it is like the year shall be a turn-over with deep memories of your present past! The national anthem is significant of a national matter that is coming to you and it is in honor of service. I leave it at that!

On the 29th of October 2014, CNN, BBC, ABC, CNBC, ALJAZEERA, CCTV news agencies were reporting the passing on of President Sata only 15 days after the man of God, prophet Maxillar who is currently on the mountain for prayers prophesied that he was getting a national anthem constantly on his ears and that it will be because of a national matter but most importantly noted that it shall be in HONOR OF SERVICE to be understood that it shall be PASSING OF A LEADER of a nation and also explained that next year for the nation shall be a turn over with deep memories of present past. Michael had only been president since 2011.

Zambian President Michael Sata has died in London, where he had been receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness, three private Zambian media outlets said. The reports on the private Muzi television station, and the Zambia Reports and Zambian Watchdog websites, said the southern African nation's cabinet was about to meet.

Government officials gave no immediate comment. The reports said Sata had died on Tuesday evening at London's King Edward VII hospital. The hospital declined to comment. Sata, 77, left Zambia for medical treatment on October 19 accompanied by his wife and family members, according to a brief government statement that gave no further details.

This continues to show that God is speaking in our generation but most important that He is in control of what is happening in the world and that nothing happens without His letting it happen! Psalm 134. Continue to pray for this nation, continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo. It is well.

When I spoke of it, the Spirit of God said to me your Ebola pandemic is over. When I heard the news today, they said countries that were under attack before were declared Ebola free and even news agencies called it a miracle.

When will nations understand God is within our midst and speaking and healing and delivering? When will nations understand that the world is coming to an end soon?

I cannot explain the accuracy of Jesus in His word but I can tell you the truth that indeed He speaks and if these things come to pass as He says them to me, I have no doubt of any other Word He has ever said....

These are the signs that He is coming soon. Continue to watch and wait upon Jesus. Continue to pray for His prophet Maxillar Mumo.

See a screenshot below of when I declared what the Lord said that your Ebola pandemic is over.