In the name of Jesus I pray: I see a catastrophe looming in this country. I see this comes very fast and lasts for hours and is gone. I see a aerial view of this place and the only thing I can see is a wiped off place. I see nothing remained there I am taken down there and all I can pick from the ground is grass and I am looking at this grass in my hands as if it holds the true picture of what happened there and the land is wet like there was a lot of water there but in this moment as I stand there, the ground is drying up, no much water at this point. I only hear in my ears silence. Like everything was taken away. What is this??? This is a total catastrophe. Fast and pray for this country and this particular area, that God will limit the disaster. I see it is unstoppable, we cant do much to stop it but join me to fast and pray for limitation of this disaster. I live it at that.

On 24th November 2010, CNN, BBC, Press TV channels report that  all miners are feared to be dead after a second blast hit the mine and a failed attempt to save them by use of a robot. This update comes 5 days after the prophecy given came to pass when;

On 18th November 2010, Press TV, CNN, CNBC channels reported that an explosion has occurred in Pike River coal's underground mine. According to the police, the explosion occurred on Friday at about 4:30 p.m. local time at the Pike River coal's underground mine on the South Island's west coast, about 50 kilometers north-east of the town of Greymouth, AFP reported. 

This prophecy came to pass only a day after the man of God was shown of this looming catastrophe. In his description, the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo, noted that, as he was getting there from above the skies he could see that the place was very quiet as if nothing remained above and that when he got to the ground all he could pick up was grass and that the ground was wet. He noted that he could not see people or anyone who was there before this happened, all he could here with ears was total silence.

These details were confirmed by the fact that the explosion in this mine happened in Pike river, and that it happened in a mine, hence burying 30 miners underground hence the reason he could not see anyone who was there before and only silence was there. It also confirmed why the man of God could only hold some grass in his hand and it was like it was the only thing that had the real picture of what had happened there. It confirmed the reason why he was seeing wet ground because this happened in the coast. That showed that indeed the man of God was taken there in first hand reporting by the Spirit of God of this catastrophe. Fast and pray for this country New Zea land and this particular area Pike River coal underground mine that God will help the families of these miners and the lives of all people involved in this. This was catastrophic.

Rescue helicopters and ambulances have rushed to the scene of the blast. According to reports only two miners have managed to get out of the mine who were working from another end but it's still unclear whether the other 30 miners are alive or dead. It is said that there's no communication with those still underground.Continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo.


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