In Jesus name I pray: I see war jets. I see in this visual, God took me and took me to the high seas and while there I see two jets passing over me high on the skies. God tells me these 2 war jets represent a mission that has been going on for some time, however God says enough of blood has been shed. He said it is time for this to end. God says He will send His peace over this countries in Jesus name. He says time has come for Him to become the bigger brother because those that He send have not done what He told them over this matter. Pray for these countries that God will give them the fulfillment of His word. That they will receive His divine peace, and that from today God will begin to restore these neighbors.

On the 16th November 2010, Press TV, reports that Iranian Army has launched its biggest nationwide air defense drill to prepare against any possible attacks "on public or nuclear sites

This comes piratically 2 days after the man of God gave the prophecy and said that God took him to the high seas and while there, he saw 2 war jets pass over his head and that these two jets represented a mission. This was in the exact words that were posted 2 days ago in this prophecy. From the photos released by Press TV, the drills took place exactly at the high seas.

He also noted that God had shown him that He will from here take over and bring peace over this mission and the countries that these two war jets represented. Today's report, has proved that God is keenly watching everything under the sun and that even the high end meetings of security by governments and countries and leaders are not a secret to the EYE of God. Continue to pray for the man of God as He continues to bring the messages of God with fire over the earth. Here at CLM we give God all the glory because we know He is alive and speaking all the time. He never seizes to amaze. It is all about Him and less of us.


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