There are still people confusing others with the prophecy I made about Zimbabwe and many liars are still putting words in my mouth and others becoming me and prophesying things to misguide people! Any prophecy I make is recorded, put in record and you cannot change it or put words in my mouth!!!

Let me to that end then update nations on where we are on this prophecy!


1. President Mugabe Shall Win Elections - The GREEN HORSE won crossed the line first! The two participated to the end in the elections as there were fears then if both shall go all the way but God said yes they will all go to the end and the green horse crosses first!

2. I spoke of a concern God raised and He is still raising it; will you Zimbabwe accept the man he chose to take over the leadership of your nation? Will you? I have watched closely and there is still confusion on this one! I however said no matter how long it takes, it shall come to pass that this man takes over the leadership of your nation!

Then people around him began ploting to sacrifice kids in order to place the man in leadership! I mean how do you even start to think like this when God has handed you what you want? And God said if they sacrifice these kids, it shall be the end of this man I have chosen.

3. Exposure of false prophets - They were exposed in their numbers those who were using other powers other than God's! It is not over yet!

3. Then I spoke of Plots to design who takes over power! There was people planning things all over the place, who takes what and who takes what! What I did not speak of for as a Prophet I enjoy first sight of things was that there was a BREAK coming! That you would take this prophecy and while you were planning on it there would come a break as if nothing was ever supposed to happen, as if everything was normal and okay! It was as if God never spoke! There was silence in that matter of power release from strongholds! Things stood still!

THIS WAS USED BY GOD TO STOP PRINCIPALITIES, EVIL DOERS and those from the kingdom of darkness who have ruled that nation by evil hand! When they went to war to stop God from acting in that nation, they went alone! Now they are exhausted! When God comes out there will be no war in the land but simple liberation!

5. IT IS WHERE WE ARE NOW! The Spirit of God tells me that the BREAK is over! Things will start to move now! There will be the last run towards the liberation of your nation! But no matter what happens keep God first! Your nation is God's! Your country is God's! God loves your people! He will liberate your economy! Zimbabwe shall be a giant in the world economically and your people shall become giants in ruling the world and in offering leadership to the world! The beginning is back from the end! Those who thought it will never happen; you are only blinded by your short-sightedness!

I speak passionately about your president because God keeps revealing about him >>> I see weakness, feableness and I see him making LARGE chunk of news worldwide with his slow exit from power and later to his grave! If He goes to be with the Lord - it is well there is nothing wrong with that! It is not wishing him bad but speaking it as it is! His exit is NIGH!

I see diplomats coming in and going out fast! I see they are coming to bid farewell to this family! I see they do not hold anything against Zimbabwe but they are still afraid for their lives! So they come and go but the news agencies are in Zimbabwe in numbers to cover this end! This death will bring Zimbabwe to a stand still BUT BOOMING in BUSINESS! Business people GET READY for your KILL!

I see the passing on of another leader of the same generation as that of this president almost the same time but this one precedes!

I see then that power will be quickly thrown to a Zanu pf leader to rule Zimbabwe but their leadership shall not hold water! God shall create the platform for you people of Zimbabwe as God spoke to choose your God given leader! The question still remains; WILL YOU CHOOSE HIM or DENY HIM? 

I see then conflicts and plots of revenge from people on the opposition to those who have been in power; DO NOT DO THIS! I REPEAT AGAIN; DO NOT DO THIS! God does not work with REVENGE! VENGANCE IS MINE says the Lord!!! I spoke of this then!

I see old and tired thinkers who consider themselves big in Zimbabwe shall become IRRELEVANT! Their voice shall no longer be of importance! This will happen in all platforms; media, politics, social, religion e.t.c

I see:
New doors, FLOURISHING of ZImbabwe, I see new INVESTORS coming into your LAND! I see this end to things, shall become the beginning to NEW and GREATER things! There shall be ties that bring Zimbabwe to greater heights! The beginning is here from the end!

While I know the dates of everything believe me; I never give dates when I prophesy! I must take care of myself both legally and Spiritually! I am not a fool for God has given me wisdom! Those saying I gave date this and date that, STOP for you are only lying to yourself and every single lie you use against me, you will chew it with your own mouth and 3 generations downwards in your family! When you use God's name to lie, you are only designing your fall - it is what I am saying!!!

LET GOD BE and LET HIS WORD COME TO PASS in His own TIME! There is nothing wrong with soon! It is within the boundaries of what time God has set! God is not doing this for an individual or for Zimbabwe alone! It is for the whole world! For the nations! When I speak I know what I am saying, for I know God has never missed! 

FINALLY: Prophecy is not for confusion! And when God speaks, He is final! Come what His Word remains! Your making noise and your trying to push him to act cannot help! Prophecy is not for show-off! That is not why God has raised the VOICE of PROPHECY in these end times! IT IS TO CREATE A REMNANCE for Himself and to bring His Hand to the nations! When God points at your nation, be sure He is there with you! If God is in your land then no matter what, no matter how long - IT SHALL BE WELL!

I do not speak for people! No one has send me! I speak for God for He is my SENDER! I am saying this, even if I remain alone; I shall still speak the truth as I see it for why lie or entertain or speak things that do not matter! THIS IS THE VOICE OF GOD!


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