2011 Will Be A Year of Living in Glory:
2 Corinthians 3: 7-18. God shows me that 2011 will be a year of LIVING IN GLORY. A year that God will empower the lives of His children, remove the veils that have covered their hearts/minds (pride, hardness of heart, refusal to repent) and bring them into serving His purpose. Them that know Him and are called by His name shall see this come to pass. God will change the ‘old way’ and replace it with His glorious new way. In the middle of all other happenings and events in 2011, you will see His GLORY IN 2011 in Splendor; Magnificence; Brightness; Praise ascribed in Adoration; Distinction; Renowned; Honored; you will have Divine Perfection or maturity; you will have the Felicity of Heaven; people will see in you a Pictured Emanation of Light Surrounding the Head of A Saint; you will Rejoice and Exult Him. You will become a mirror reflecting the glory of God in you. God will bless His sons and daughters in 2011. A year of living in GLORY. Get up and receive this word today and by FAITH let it be quickened in your life in 2011. Thank God for the fact that the best is yet to be. Thus says the Lord.


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