A Lady of Death in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.

In Jesus name I pray: I see a red dress, a lady of death is walking the streets of Nairobi, Kenya and killing her unsuspecting victims mostly men but also women. I see she wears red dresses, she is of dark complexion and a representative of a cult and I see she calls herself 'seduction'. If I see more details I will co...me to you. Fast and pray for this woman to be stopped. She is doing it again tonight. 

In Jesus name I pray: She knows I have seen her. This is interesting. She preys for her victims in dimly lit places where you cant make her out clearly. She has a face with a scar on her left side. She has a deep voice. I will say more when I see more. Fast and pray, she will be caught and stopped in her evil acts.


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