In Jesus name I pray: God shows me that, second born children and this is regardless of age, are coming out of a very difficult season. God says watch second borns of all families across the earth. There is something about you if you are a second born.

God says you will see in your life, all the things that have been on hold, coming to pass, you will see provision for your needs, God says somethings you second borns in a an interesting pattern all over the world had put them on hold and in other lost hope. God says in this season, He will bring a smile on your faces.

Second born children, regardless of age, or country all over the world, you will see a divine hand in all you endeavors in this season. Take it, receive it, and act on it. Second born children, your hard place has just taken a turn for a soft place. That season of struggling, defeat and isolation is over. The season of hostile environments, humiliation and shame is over. I see pain is shifting base of your lives. I see diseases that were struggling these second born children are being stopped divinely.

It will shock you what I see if you do a little research, there was a very interesting pattern of occurrence of events, issues, situations and circumstances for second born children, God has canceled and broken that cycle. Fast and pray for these people that God guides them out of their situations.


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