There Is A Group Of Extreem Believes Seeking To Split The World Into 7 Parts! Prophecy Given On The 7th Of October 2014!

In Jesus Name I Pray: I see a group of Extreem believes that is seeking and planning to split the world in 7 parts! The Spirit of God said to me to post here, it is enough, you shall see the message that He is about to give you! IT SHALL NEVER HAPPEN!

The Spirit of God says you shall therefore bring damnation upon thy own self in your selfish greed! You shall raise your finger against your very own plan and those around you bringing a catastrophic end to your own self; the world will only assist you alittle in this.

You sought to divide the world in 7 parts, the Spirit of God says from today your own rulership shall be divided in 7 parts that will begin the infightings amongst your unity and from there the finger shall be raised bringing your own self to your own destruction!

The Lord says you have done the unthinkable to others, but what you shall do to yourselves and amongst yourselves shall never be able to be explained. THIS IS THE VOICE OF GOD TO YOU!


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