Prophecy Fulfilled On The 22Nd Of October 2014. Countries Declared Ebola Free.

When I spoke of it, the Spirit of God said to me your Ebola pandemic is over. When I heard the news today, they said countries that were under attack before were declared Ebola free and even news agencies called it a miracle.

When will nations understand God is within our midst and speaking and healing and delivering? When will nations understand that the world is coming to an end soon?

I cannot explain the accuracy of Jesus in His word but I can tell you the truth that indeed He speaks and if these things come to pass as He says them to me, I have no doubt of any other Word He has ever said....

These are the signs that He is coming soon. Continue to watch and wait upon Jesus. Continue to pray for His prophet Maxillar Mumo.

See a screenshot below of when I declared what the Lord said that your Ebola pandemic is over.


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