A Great Awakening Is Coming From The Church And The Glory Of God Shall Be SEEN Again! Prophecy Given On The 7th Of October 2014!

In Jesus name I pray: I see a great awakening from the church is coming from the church to the world and the glory of God shall be seen again! It seemed as if in the past the church was in slamber and overpowered by all the world's drama.

This is the voice of God to the church! Your awekening is here! As I speak of this prophecy, virtue keeps departing from me! I see the church will rise in prayer, prophetic prayers that will change the course of the nations that already seems lost unto unexplainable sustainance in the presence of God's glory!

YOU ARE ABOUT TO HEAR OF THE BREAKOUTS that will get INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION! These things are already happening!


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