Prophecy Fulfilled On The 13th Of July 2014>Seven Earthquakes Shake Oklahoma In Two Days. PROPHECY: I WAS TAKEN TO CITIES TODAY AND I SAW AND HEARD TREMORS. PROPHECY GIVEN ON THE 3RD OF JUNE 2014

In Jesus Name: I had a vision, and I saw myself seated in different cities and I saw and heard tremors tremors. I see you will hear of these earthquakes and tremors news soon. Pray for your city that God will save His own for it was like I was experiencing these things in more cities at once. I leave it at that.

Prophet Maxillar Mumo.

Prophecy Fulfilled:
On July 13th 2014, Cnn, Bbc, Cnbc, Cbs, Abc news agencies reported that over 6 earthquakes hit Oklahoma in two days. On Saturday and Sunday in Oklahoma, there were seven earthquakes. You read that right. Not tornadoes. Earthquakes. The most severe temblor registered 4.3 near Langston, the U.S. Geological Survey site showed, delivering a rumble to Logan County, north of Oklahoma City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. There were no reports of damage or major injury on Saturday, Oklahoma City news station News9 reported. The three earthquakes that happened Sunday occurred near Langston, CNN affiliate KOCO reported, one registering 4.0. The station is covering Sunday's temblors as a developing story.

This comes as the prophet of God on the beginning of June 2014 spoke of how he saw tremors in a vision accross different cities and to confirm this, it is recorded that in the USA alone tremors and earthquakes since then till this bigger news today have been occuring continously.

This is revelation of God's voice upon His servant prophet Maxillar Mumo. Continue praying for the prophet.


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