In Jesus Name I pray: My Judgement is coming down; my fist is raised against nations! You have allowed HOMOSEXUALITY fail you in my eyes! I shall therefore raise my Hand against thee peoples of all nations! I shall wipe out cities, unexplained deaths, I shall disgrace the boy child and make fall to his own lasts forgetting the dignity of his birth! I shall make the girl child painful at her own sight; I shall let them perish by their own desires! I the Lord God of all Hosts shall make it known among the earths that I AM who I AM and HOMOSEXUALITY together with all those who allow it shall not stand in my face! 

I saw a map and virtually all nations of their earth were on it! They have all sinned against God by turning against Him and allowing this SIN among them. I was there, I lived among this coming time of TERROR and CATASTROPHY that no man has seen before! IT IS BEGINNING THIS LAST QUARTER OF THIS YEAR 2013 until all is DONE! 

People will hate this message and attack the messanger BUT when it happens remember I said those are signs, the first signs of the fulfillment of this prophesy! You shall see it with your eyes people remember what the Lord said and want to turn to Him then but it shall be late!

REPENT your WAYS for the KINGDOM of GOD IS AT HAND! I leave it at that!


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