Praise God. I had a prophetic chat with one lady who came to me last week. And the Lord spoke  to her moving mightily in His power and the miracle is astonishing. Read on...

When I spoke to Grace over the phone on Wednesday afternoon at pm local time last week, the Spirit of God showed me among other visions that a family member had been lost and they had not found them for a long time although they were not looking. That they had been away without a trace for a while. When I asked her, she said she did not know maybe her father who she had not seen since she was born; that her father who took off when her mother was pregnant and never came back, her mother gave birth to her and took care of her and the rest of the family single handed. No one knew where he was.

I prophesied to her that God had shown me that He will bring him back to them and that they should be ready. I prayed with her and she left.

Today she has written to me that after being lost for 34 years, her father has come back home on Saturday; 3 days since I was speaking to her. She cannot believe her eyes, neither can anyone in the family. What God can do no one can do. This is amazing! It took God 3 days to bring a man who was away for 34 years home.

I am exited when I see what God does for His people. For those who love Him. For those who are genuine need of His touch. When God says He will do, He will. It does not matter how big your case is, before God it is nothing. When God moves, He moves to change someone's life forever. May this be your testimony today in Jesus name.

I am exited about Jesus! He is able, more than able to do according to His Word. When the prophet speaketh, it astonishes the world what God can do and brings joy in people's lives because Jesus is life. I have got such joy in my heart today because my God lives, He does and He never dissapoints. After 34 years.... IT SHALL BE WELL for you too in Jesus name!


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