In Jesus name I pray: When God speaks its so men may know that He has the power to see their world and to influence it in a certain direction. When God speaks is to stamp His authority over the earth. When God speaks of the coming events of the World is so to remove any doubt that there is conspiracy or lying in His prophetic office. I see a plane coming down. I see you will hear of this soon as I hear the plane already in trouble!!! I live it at that!!!

On the 19th August 2012, CNN, BBC, CNBC, ABC news agencies report that a plane crash in Sudan has killed 32 people, including four ministers and other top government officials, state media reported Sunday. Engineer Ghazi al-Sadiq, minister of guidance and endowments, died when the private plane he was on went down in the Sudanese mountains due to dust causing poor visibility, state media said. Also killed in the crash were three state ministers and three major generals. The plane, a Ukrainian-made Antonov, according to state radio, crashed near Talodi near the border with the new nation of South Sudan. There were no survivors. The officials were traveling to the border state of South Kordofan for festivities marking Eid, the celebration of the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

This comes after the man of God was shown of a plane crash 19 days ago and was shown that the plane was in trouble already even as he was relaying the prophesy to us. He then noted that we will hear of this soon and then as is his way said he was living the prophesy at that point as he always notes that the Spirit guides how to relay the prophecies he gives given they are about the world and the world does not know Him hence the wisdom he walks in lest they have attack him and bring malice upon him.

We were send a message by a clm follower and they said to the man of God, prophet I thank God for you prophesied of a plane crash and noted that we will hear of it soon and I have a sister who was planning to travel from Sudan. I went into a prayer season and prayed for her flight day and night, she travelled well but after 2 days a plane crashed in Sudan. I thank God for saving my sister! This confirms what the prophet says all the time. That if one has ears, the Spirit will confirm the Voice of God in their lives with MIRACLES. Continue praying for those who lost their families and family members that God will console them. Continue to pray for the man of God, prophet Maxillar Mumo.


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