In Jesus name I pray: I see a disease emanating from a virus infection. Its a new thing and I see it taking lives at will and I see panic all over and I see people worried for a cure is not yet out. The Spirit of God says its a wave that is coming to break principalities. I see this disease will be harsh and defiant but it shall pass quickly. Pray for this season. Its meant to be awakening. I live it at that.

On the 5th July 2012, CNN, CNBC, BBC, Press TV news agencies report that, The World Health Organization is helping the Cambodian Ministry of Health investigate the cause of a mysterious illness that has killed dozens of children in the country since April. A joint statement from the WHO and the ministry, released Wednesday, said 61 of 62 children admitted to hospital had died from the disease. The majority of the reported cases came from southern and central Cambodia. "[The Ministry of Health] and WHO are currently investigating the cases," Man Bunheng, the Cambodian minister of health, said in the statement, "possible causes of the disease are being considered, but definite identification of the cause and source may take some time." Initial reports from the Cambodian government indicate that the unknown illness struck children under seven years old. "The symptoms include a mixture of respiratory illnesses, fever and generalized neurological symptoms, including convulsions in some of the patients," Dr. Nima Asgari, a team leader of the WHO country office in Cambodia, said in an email to CNN. The children were brought to hospitals in the capital, Phnom Penh, and the northern tourist hub of Siem Reap -- the two biggest cities of Cambodia -- but most of them died within 24 hours upon admission. "This can be a mixture of a number of known diseases -- virological, bacterial or toxicological -- which have been reported as one syndrome or something new," Asgari added.

The fulfillment of this prophesy is a confirmation that God is giving to His children all over the world that what He says concerning your life, He will watch over it and perform it in your life! God is faithful. And I have come to know with no doubt that what He shows, He proves it was from Him by performing it!!! You must walk with fear for God!!! His Word is Yes and Amen. His Word is true. His Word is Real. His Spirit has been poured out to reach out to those that are seeking the Lord in truth and in Spirit. Have you heard from the Lord concerning your life? Come meet the servant of God, prophet Maxillar Mumo on face-book chat and receive God's Word upon your life!!! No matter what you are going through; pain, lost billions, lost millions, lost properties, lost family member, lost husband, lost wife; come and the Lord shall restore your life in Jesus name!!!


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