Jesus Christ was the incorruptible seed, He was the seed that was perfect, He was the seed that no other thing of the flesh had touched. He was the direct lineage from God Himself. He the Adam of the new age. He was the revelation of how we came to be. He was the revelation of God's power one earth and everything He carried in Him was pure. When He shared with us His blood, where it touched became pure, it became clean and by the blood forgiveness was possible for those who hanged Him on the cross. Forgiveness was possible for us. Because the blood was pure, it was clean, incorruptible then it is possible to claim the blood of Jesus upon our lives because by it even today we can be healed, we can be saved, our lives can be changed forever.

Jesus did not come except for what He set out in His own words; He said; "I came so that you may have life and have it in abundance; in full; complete; unending - John 10:10." This was His vision then, it is His vision even today. It was a vision born out of His Love for us. The bible says for God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him may not die but have everlasting life; live forever - John 3:16.

It was about the life that was taken away from us being restored. In the beginning the thieve stole from us the essence of our lives, the frame of our lives and hence we were thrown out of the presence of God and we were left in this earth alone to perish, to be destroyed. Jesus noted that the thief comes to steal, destroy and kill. And because He still loved us even after being kicked out of the garden of Eden, He still came to save us again.

You must understand that when Jesus saves you, He brings your life back to restoration, He brings your life back to its stolen, lost and destroyed former glory. What counts before Him so you may receive your life in abundance is the restoration, the installation of RIGHTEOUSNESS! Many people claim to be saved, claim this and that but in the end they are not because the things they practice, their behavior, their principles state otherwise. Many people want to follow God, they want to be touched by Jesus but they miss the fact that RIGHTEOUSNESS cannot be deducted from the sequence.

I am not here to reprimand somebody out of harshness but out of love that Jesus loves you. You must change your ways for Him to accept to help you in your life. You must understand what Jesus wants from you so that you may in the end enjoy the results of your decision to be saved. To be counted among the brethren. Jesus does not need you as a hustler, Jesus does not need you as a selfish centered righteous freak, Jesus does not need for show, Jesus does not need for the MTV, Jesus does not need you for show to others.

It is not about identifying with the greatest ministry, its not knowing this prophet or that prophet or that apostle or that apostle. Jesus was here on earth and yet He so carefully guarded those He got close with such that only a few got that privilege because I see there is a spirit that has come over the earth, a spirit of personality cult where people speak, cherish, endure, worship a person because they are from God and can do this or that. Please always remember what I can do, its from the THRONE of God but in the end I am just a man. I shall stand before God in judgement together with you. I fight everyday to live pure, I am young and yet I fight everyday to keep the tenets of God first.

Nobody is asking you to be perfect but you got understand that God seeks your righteousness if you are going to experience life of God in abundance. I am speaking this way, this message is getting to you right now because when a season of a person is about to change there will always be a prophet near. You may never know it but Jesus already can see your problem. He can see your struggle. He can see what has kept you from being righteous. You must then fight, you must take up the righteousness of God and wear it and this life, this great cause, this great vision shall come alive in your life.

When God was giving Joshua the mandate, the leadership of His people of Israel, He repeated to him that he must be strong and of good courage - Joshua 1:9. Even today God is saying the same to you and to me. To be strong and of good courage. Being a leader in one's life does not come easy. There are many challenges, there are many struggles, many fears, and above all many temptations. One must be strong and of good courage.

This is what the Lord says; BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE. The Lord has revealed to me things that are happening in the church. There is a lot of sinners who are missing out on the life God has pointed to because they are focused on the things that are not. You must then seek God, repent, and ask Him take you back and to restore you in His righteousness in Jesus name!

THE LIST IS AS FOLLOWS and NOTE these are happening in the church:
1. Sin of SEX before marriage (from as young as 14 years);
2. Sin of SEX in marriage (multiple partners);
3. Sin of Divorce;
4. Sin of Fear;
5. Sin of Lust;
6. Sin of Gossip;
7. Sin of disobedience;
8. Sin of distrust in God's Word;
9. Sin of stealing God's tithe and offering;
10. Sin of keeping away God's gifts.

If you are guilty as served; you know! God says if you confess your sin with your mouth and believe with your heart, you will be saved. Salvation must be fetched by confession. God then releases the blood of Jesus that is pure  to wash you and then you are counted among the righteous of God and then you can enjoy the goodness, the abundance of life. This is important. Please take this from me.

May God hear your prayer today and grand it in Jesus name!!!


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