In Jesus name I pray: I see one of the middle sized planes in trouble up in the skies. I was taken in the Spirit and I went higher than it was, and I could see the top of it but I could hear voices of panic and I saw it and then I didn't see it. Pray for this prophesy that God will limit the disaster in Jesus name! I live it at that.


 CNN, BBC, ABC news agencies report that a passenger who claimed to have a device surgically implanted inside her spurred authorities to divert a North Carolina-bound jetliner to Maine on Tuesday, federal officials said. Doctors aboard US Airways Flight 787 examined the woman and found no sign of recent scars, according to the office of Rep. Peter King, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. A federal law enforcement source who had been briefed on the matter told CNN the woman would likely receive a psychological evaluation and posed "basically no threat." Nevertheless, the Paris-to-Charlotte flight made an unscheduled stop in Bangor "out of an abundance of caution," the Transportation Security Administration said. U.S. fighter jets escorted the plane to the airport, and passengers said the woman was taken off the plane in handcuffs after landing. The Boeing 767 carried 179 passengers and a crew of nine, US Airways spokeswoman Liz Landau told CNN. Andrew Kobayashi, a passenger on the flight, said the woman was sweaty and acting nervous. "I had briefly noticed her in the back of the plane being a weirdo," said Kobayashi, who was seated several rows further forward.

This comes after 9 days since the man of God prophet Maxillar Mumo, prophesied that he was shown of one of the middle planes in danger and he could hear voices of panic and that then the vision disappeared and he asked that we pray for this plane because it was in trouble! We thank all those that prayed and that the trouble emerged to be just a scare and no one was hurt! This continues to prove that God speaks and when He speaks, He preserves His Word to bring it to pass! Even you shall receive the prophetic Word the Lord has given over your life!!! It is just a matter of time before you wake up to your breakthrough, to your miracle, your victory in Jesus name!!! Psalms 121!!! 

NB: Now when this prophesy came to pass, we were not sure if to post it for we thought that the plane was too big for it to be middle sized and when we brought this to the attention of the prophet, he simply put it as; "it is the one" post it! We went to Google and when we searched for the 787 planes we found that they are otherwise referred to as mid-sized planes! Amen!!! We simply are amazed by the wording of the prophecies the man of God gives for they come out exactly a they are put forward! This shows God is with His prophet! Continue to pray for the prophet!


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