In Jesus name I pray: I see a fire in this building. I see it is a big fire. It burns the house completely and to nothing! Pray that lives will be saved in this building. Its a storey building and in a country close to the side of indian ocean! I leave it at that.
On the 30th November 2011, CNN, BBC, CNBC, Press TV news agencies report that; a fire believed to be the work of an arsonist engulfed a Hong Kong residential block and popular tourist market early Wednesday, killing nine people and injuring 30, police said. Ambulances rushed the injured to hospital as firefighters battled to put out the blaze, which started before dawn at a stall in the Ladies Market in the Mongkok area of Kowloon. The narrow market street was a wall of flame and thick black smoke as the fire tore through the flimsy stalls and residential flats above, witnesses said. Local television showed firemen pulling shaken survivors and body bags from rooftops, while badly burnt victims were wrapped in bandages and sent to hospital. Residents fled in their pyjamas or called out to firemen from windows as the fire raged through the market below. The blaze broke out at a street hawker's booth around 4:40 am and quickly spread through the residential building, officials said. Eight "charred bodies" were found at the site, the spokeswoman said. Officials later increased the toll to nine.
This comes 22 days after the Man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo prophesied that he was shown of the Spirit of a building on fire. He pointed out that it was a big fire and that it burned down the house completely and to nothing! The he said that we should pray using Psalms 80 concerning the lives of these people and that what he saw was that it was a storey building and in a country close to the side of Indian ocean and then in his apt style he said he was leaving it at that! First of all in following the words of the Prophet to confirm the details of the prophecy is that this fire happened in a storey building, it burned it down and yes it was in the city of Hongkong to the west of indian ocean! This continues to prove God's Word on the land, and that whatever He says about a situation, a place or a person is surely programed to come to pass no matter what, time or place! Continue to pray for these families and continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo.


GOD at work,be blessd

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