In Jesus name I pray: I see a scientific project they are involved in! I see its going to turn disastrous! I see danger coming but they cant see it. I see they are trying to explain what happened but its too late and still they insist on doing it. Fast and pray for this disaster! Pray that it does not happen for if it does, they will never forgive themselves! I shall live it at that!
On the 15th of August 2011, CNN, BBC, CNBC, Press TV news agencies report that, Chinese authorities have ordered a controversial chemical plant in the country's northeast to shut down and tightened their grip over news coverage on a large protest that prompted the unusual decision. Tens of thousands of residents in Dalian took to the streets Sunday and rallied around the city hall. They demanded the relocation of Fujia Dahua Petrochemical Company, which threatened to spill toxins into the city last week when a typhoon breached a dike nearby, a protester told CNN Monday. Chanting "Fujia get out" in front of hundreds of riot police guarding the government office, the crowds grew steadily throughout the day and minor scuffles took place, said the protester, a young doctor who asked her name not be printed for fear of government reprisal.
"The plant is endangering our lives," she said. "If chemicals spill out we -- but especially the children -- will all be affected. If our children's health is harmed, who will claim responsibility?"

This comes only in 1 day after the man of God prophesied yesterday that he was shown of God of a Scientific project that was going to turn out distastrous if the saints did not pray about it. He said he saw danger coming but they could not see it. He said he saw them trying to explain their agenda but it was late but they were still insisting on doing it. Then he asked us to pray and for sure after prayer, today as we have seen it in the news agencies, people of china came out to protest and the government has bunned the operations of the Science project!

This confirms that our God still speaks. And He speaks in detail concerning everything in the World far and wide! We thank the Lord for giving us a prophetic voice that is accurate in our time and we pray that you will continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo as nations continue to realize of this prophetic voice that God shall restore all to Himself this this prophetic voice!!! We at CLM have seen God and know what He can do! May you encounter Him as well in Jesus name!!! If you have not yet encountered the great man of God, find time and will loose nothing but gain the Voice of God in your life!!!


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