In Jesus name I pray: I was sitted and I saw huge shake between Heaven and Earth. The thing is, I saw huge shakes send from Heaven to the Earth and they were amidst heavy rains. I see a season of earth quakes and bad weather are with us. It was so heavy the vision, it looked like it covered the whole earth. So get ready to be affected in one way or another wherever you are by the ramifications of this season...get ready....Know that before you even hear it from CNN or BBC it has already been announced to you for thus says the Lord. Whatever you do prepare for this is warning and dont pray for its stop for it must happen....I leave it at that.
On 21st June 2011, CNN, BBC, CNBC, Press TV news cables report that, an ash cloud drifting around the world for a second time after spewing from a Chilean volcano more than two weeks ago is once again grounding commercial jets and stranding thousands of passengers in Australia. After grounding flights across the country Tuesday, Qantas announced that all scheduled international flights in and out of Sydney and Melbourne were cancelled for Wednesday as well.The cancellations include scheduled trips across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. The June 4 eruption of Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in the Chilean Andes Mountains forced the shutdown of flights in and out of at least 10 Australian cities Tuesday. The same ash cloud spawned by the fiery South American volcano also forced major flight cancellations Down Under two Sundays ago.

The airlines' decision to ground the flights was based on information provided by the Australian Volcanic Ash Advisory Center. "The volcano has remained active and as of the 9th of June, the ash plume from the original eruption has travelled across the southern Atlantic Oceans and under Africa to stretch into the Indian Ocean," the advisory center stated. "It is not unprecedented for volcanic ash to remain suspended for long time periods." Qantas and Virgin suspended flights in and and out of Adelaide, Canberra and Mildura for the entire day Tuesday. The grounding of flights in and out of the southern coast cities of Adelaide and Port Lincoln by Qantas started at 6:30 a.m. local time. The airlines also suspended scheduled afternoon flights in Sydney, home to the nation's busiest airport. Qantas canceled all domestic flights in and out of Sydney, as well as flights to and from New Zealand, after 3:00 p.m. local time. Qantas also placed several scheduled international flights in Sydney "under review," with the exception of its scheduled 2:15 p.m. Sydney-Singapore flight to London.

This comes after the man of God on the 21 May 2011, indicated that there was a great shaking send from Heaven to the earth and he indicated that it was so big that it looked like it covered the earth saying that bad weather was with us and for people to get ready to be affected in one way or the other wherever they were in the world! Since then, people have seen bad rains, floods, heavy winds, volcanos erupting and economies brought to their knees, transport stopped and losses beyond measure incurred! The man of God continues to prove that God speaks and that He determines His Word and then causes it to come to pass! Today the report that the flights of Australia have been grounded crowns it all for it is coming from the ashes of a volcano in Chile! Continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo!


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