“The crown is on your head. I have anointed you with wisdom; I have anointed you for my glory. My Spirit is upon you, I chose you, and my anointing is on you saith the Lord. The authority has been given to you; didn’t I say the sceptre shall not depart from you?  I have filled you with my Spirit, and you shall rule over kings, and have the dominion. For my anointing is upon you, and the wisdom that I have given you will give you dominion. Therefore, walk in my wisdom. Speak my wisdom, and let my wisdom guide your feet and your heart, for I have anointed you with wisdom and the spirit of righteousness."
There are struggles, trials and challenges that you've faced from time to time; but here's what the Spirit of God says to you:

“All you needed was my Word, my Spirit and the knowledge of the kingdom; the knowledge of the Word; and that Word which I have brought to your spirit, walk in the light of it. And as you do so, there’s no force or power in the world but that which has been defeated; there’s no authority in the world, but that over which you have authority, for I have given you the dominion, saith the Lord. I have given you the sceptre, therefore rule, and reign by glory, and with my glory; for you belong to me. I have beautified you, and I have glorified you.

No one would shame you for my wisdom is in you, therefore speak my wisdom, think my wisdom, live in my wisdom, rule in my wisdom, for I’ve called you to the gathering of righteousness. Yea, you’re strengthened, saith the Lord and you'll prosper in my Name, for I've given you my Name. Prosper in my Name; prosper on the right hand and on the left hand. Prosper in the north, south, east and west; prosper everywhere you go, for you're the seed of Abraham and the world is yours, walk in the length and breadth of it. Hallelujah!  Don’t say anymore, ‘I’m little', or, 'I’m small'. . No you're not little, no you're not small, for I have  anointed and glorified you, and you are mine, saith the Lord.”

As you receive these words, you'll never be the same again. God is opening the eyes of your spirit to see visions. Be bold to believe what He is showing you. Believe it, for it shall be so: not by might, or power, but by the Spirit.
There's more grace, receive more grace! There’s increased grace, receive it! I see the Holy Ghost is distributing more grace. Take as much grace as you want; take as much as you need.  We're getting greater than ever and we are protected by this grace. You'll prosper in His grace.  Many of you would experience things that you thought you didn’t qualify for; it's a result of increased grace. There’s grace for us. Hallelujah!

I hear the Holy Spirit moving, 'more grace, more grace’. That’s what He's telling us, to prepare us for the future that we're moving into; He wants us to have more grace, and to give more grace BECAUSE WHAT YOU RECEIVE YOU MUST GIVE.

I saw the lightnings of God in a vision, and I understand what that means, because the Bible says, ask ye of the LORD rain  in the time of the latter rain; and the LORD shall make bright clouds (lightnings), and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field. Brothers and sisters, there's a mighty downpour of the Holy Ghost that's coming; something more than we have known, something more than we envisaged, something more than we thought, something more than we have seen, much more than we have known; and you know what? It is here, and this grace that He has given us, ushers us into this move of the Spirit of God. Hallelujah! Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you for taking us into this greater move of the Holy Ghost than what we have known, than what we have ever seen before. 

The Holy Ghost is saying in the last few months, you've been praying in the Holy Ghost like never before; you've been praying in tongues like never before; He says as you were praying in tongues, you were  watering your clouds, and I told you that when the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth. He says the clouds are full of rain and that's why you saw the lightnings of God; and the rains are about to pour down!

Saints, in areas that you didn’t see results, in areas you didn’t see much result, in things you didn’t see much results; even though you are doing the same things, you'd be amazed because now you'll  see the results, for the grace has been increased!


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