Lori Larson in Phelan California - USA testimony:
We thank and rejoice in the Lord, the Head and commander in chief of all things in Heaven and the Earth for healing this great friend, and His child of Cancer - stage 4. She was not doing well when the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo first met her, through her friend Rose but out of prayer and talking to God concerning her, he prophesied that her healing had been granted and that it shall be well with her from that day even unto this day that the doctors have confirmed the word that the cancer of blood is gone right through to the marrow. Here below you shall read a testimony as given by her friend - Rose Gallegos: I have a testimony: I met & asked Prophet Maxillar Mumo ,for prayer for my friend Lori Larson she had 2 types of lymphoma cancers . One was not curable as the doctors had already told us but they said the other was.  But when the man of God began ministering to Lori, one thing I noticed he didnt care of the doctor's report he only cared of what God was saying! Prophet Maxillar  prophesied that she was going to from that day forward  begin her journey of restoration and healing. He said that her test results would be better and better  and better and nothing else! We then went away with that prophecy in mind and  when the time scheduled to see how she is doing came, the doctors could not believe what the results were telling them! Well first they did a bone marrow test and it was clear! Next the did a pet scan which scans the whole body and this was today and I was with her  in her doctors. office SHE IS CANCER FREE..ALLELUIA!! We are talking about a cancer that was in stage 4 this is truly a MIRACLE  from our FATHER IN HEAVEN Released from God's mouth to Prophet Maxillar's ears , spoken through his mouth and received by us In Jesus name. We are happy IT IS DONE - IT IS FINISHED . I told her doctor who is a horicrisna believer that the cancer was never coming back  and he just starred at me like what are you talking about. But Lori & I  knew where we were coming from and agreed by faith. REJOICE with us Prophet Maxillar and thank you for praying & walking through this with us we Love you & appreciate you Man of God..Amen. We thank God for this life and decree that this healing over Lori shall be permanent from now and always in Jesus name! Continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo.

Prisca Jeza in Jo'berg - South Africa testimony:
Man of God your last year 's prophecy has come true concerning me, you had prophesied that you were shown God putting a beaming light over me and my career! This year two of my colleagues resigned and since I was a junior to them, I am so happy for what happened thereafter. I have been approached to take one of the positions which I am more than willing to take up. You had also told me that God will provide for me to be able to go back to school and that I will register for my degree. God is wonderful as I have done so in this year as well. Man of God, may God bless you and increase you in all things. And continue doing this good work for I know you are true man of God as what you prophesy for sure comes to pass!!!

Rose Gallegos in Whittier California - USA testimony: 
(Miracle #1 today) I have been dealing with family estate issues and I was requested to move from said home at thier request today without fail! This morning asked Prophet Maxillar Mumo to agree wth us in prayer He responded to me it is well stay stay stay. I put it in your family's heart that they will give you more time to stay in that house and no one shall throw you out. I received the word and well I got a 30 day notice today from older sister which gives me longer to prepare If you knew my family you would know this is a miracle Prophisied by our Prophet God has blessed us with for this hour Amen !!There will be more miracles coming Amen.

Secondly miracle: Im sharing answers to Prophet Maxillar Mumo Prophecies. My sister and friend Lori has Cancer Lymphoma 2 types one is incurable She has been going through Kehmo on her 4th treatment! Prophet Maxillar Mumo prophesied to her when he was ministering to her life that her reports would get better every time she went to the doctor. And told her, her doctor will never understand what happened! Today they did a test of her bone marrow the doctor said I dont want you to get too excited but the bone marrow looks clearer this time!!! This means theres been miraculous change & truth to the prophecy Rejoice with us Amen Bless you Lord for your Prophet who speaks your truth..(Miracle #2 today).
K. Julia in Kenya Testimony:
Man of God I am here to testify that God still speaks. Your prophesies are true and powerful. Indeed God is working with you sir. At my place of work, I was getting threats and I was about to loose my job.  I was worried and didnt not know what to do, but when I claimed all your prophesies, God did a miracle for me and I got my job back. Now I await anxiously of what you said that God will promote me in this same job and for all those miracles God did for me through His prophetic flow, I am anxiously waiting for them to come to pass for I have faith. Thank you man of God for letting God use you. Your obedience is powerful.


Pray for me that God would heal my lungs and whole body of different illnesses.
God Bless you for your prayers

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