In Jesus name I pray: I see people in the middle of waters. What is this??? Pray for this mission that it is completed in good foot and all lives are saved. I live it at that.

On 21st December 2010, CNN, Press TV, BBC news cables report that, as more severe weather is forecast across Europe, a bone-chilling blizzard continues to leave thousands of travelers stranded in airports, especially in Britain. The massive crisis triggered by heavy snowfall, which grounded flights and caused seemingly endless traffic jams in parts of Western Europe, has made travel of any type a gamble. Heavy snow and thick ice all but closed London's Heathrow, the world's busiest international passenger airhub over the weekend. Britain is among those hardest hit by the Arctic conditions, with major disruptions in rail and highway travel. Authorities canceled about 300 flights at Germany's main airport at Frankfurt on Monday as they expected more snow.

As the severe weather conditions in Germany continued through Sunday, the airlines were advising their passengers to take the train, while the railways were telling travelers to forget travel altogether for the time being and to stay at home. German railroads were not the only ones to be affected. Throughout much of Europe, railways were similarly disrupted. Even in southern Sweden, which is used to heavy snow, 100 of 350 train journeys were canceled on Monday. The Arctic conditions have disrupted travel and shopping plans on the last weekend before Christmas, normally one of the busiest times of the year. Given Europe's current struggling economy, the record-breaking blizzard seems to be a harsh blow to the continent's travel industry at a time when large numbers of Europeans have planned to travel inside or outside the continent. Without doubt the heavy snowfall has also hit Europe's business system hard on the closing days of 2010 as Christmas shoppers find it difficult to commute in the blizzard.

This comes in the backdrop of the prophecy given by the man of God Prophet Maxillar Mumo 5days ago, who was shown of people in the middle of waters. To be interpreted that in whatever was happening, it was not going to be only in literal waters but also in other important aspects of these people. This situation will definately throw the economy of this people in turmoil and its effect felt for a long time. However, people of UK know that God loves you. Pray that His mission for your lives is completed soon and that no lives will be lost. May God be with His people. The fulfillment of this prophecy again shows God does nothing without first revealing it to His dear servants. Continue to pray for the man of God, Prophet Maxillar Mumo.


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